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We all study Maths and Science lessons since our primary schooling, without the intention of understanding it’s needs in real life.

Have you ever thought about why we need to study? If your answer is to only pass the examination, I am sorry then this site may not be for you. If you want to understand the subjects that form the underlying of day-to-day technology, then congratulations, this is your home. Here we will try to understand the science behind our day-to-day technology, with the help of mathematics. In this journey, we will understand the subjects together.

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Featured image of Charge neutrality of semiconductors

Charge neutrality of semiconductors

Even though we are performing doping operations to convert the intrinsic semiconductors to extrinsic semiconductors, the semiconductors will always be in a neutral state.
p + ND = n + NA

Featured image of energy bands in semiconductors

Energy bands in semiconductors

In simple terms, “bands” refer to groups of something. So, when we talk about “Energy bands,” we’re referring to groups that consist of multiple distinct energy levels combined. There are two important energy bands that we need to consider. Those are the conduction band and the valence band.

Featured image of Intrinsic and Extrinsics semiconductors

What are Intrinsic semiconductors and Extrinsic semiconductors?

The pure form of semiconductors is called intrinsic semiconductors. When we add some impurities into the intrinsic semiconductors, then that is known to be Extrinsic semiconductors. By doing this, we can increase the electrical conductivity of the semiconductors.

Featured image for semiconductor basics

Semiconductors Basics

Semiconductors are a special type of material, whose electrical conductivity is lesser than the conductors but higher than the insulators. In Semiconductors, both free electrons and holes are responsible for electric current flow.

Featured image for mathematical number system

Number system – a skeleton of mathematics

How do you represent the distance between two places? You may tell the distance in your language(e.g. twenty kilometers). This representation may seem long and difficult to understand for somebody, who doesn’t know your language. For that purpose, we need a simple yet more versatile tool to convey the information. That’s where mathematical numbers play an important role.

Featured image for Electric Voltage

Electric voltage – an intuition from the atomic model

The amount of work done in moving a unit point charge from one point to another. It is denoted as V = W/Q. In other words, the electrical potential difference between the two points is also known to be electric voltage.


What is the main goal of V Edifys?

Every lessons in maths and science that we studied since our schooling is either directly or indirectly have a relationship with one-another.  Here at V Edifys, we are trying to uncover the relationship between the lessons and why we need to study those lessons in the first place? and how to understand it better?  At any point in time, if you were figured out the relationships between the subjects which you are studying and understand why you need to study those subjects in the first place, then the purpose of this V Edifys is full filled.

Learning isn’t about memorizing the plain text (which explains the fact about something in the human understandable language) to pass the test.  It is a process of understanding the things around us in a pleasurable way.  If this reverberate with-in you as well, then welcome aboard.

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