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About Venkat

          I am a very fascinated person towards mathematics during my schooling.  I read somewhere about “Mathematics is the language of science”.  This one idea was stuck with me for a quite long time,  I often asked to my self, about this one statement how it is true?  one such day, during one my physics lesson I had realized, how the Alternating electric Current was referenced conveniently with the little help of mathematics (Trigonometric), that time an Eureka!!! moment happened inside me.  Soon, I got the proper proof for the statement “Maths is the language of science”.  It ignited my curiosity to understand more about the close relationship between the Maths and science.  With that fascination I started to understand more about all these subjects and figure out the relationship between them.  After, completed my undergraduate college degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, I had an idea about starting a website to share my knowledge, and also to learn from the readers as well, that’s how this website was started.  With this note, here after we will learn together in this perpetual knowledge seeking journey.  Through my all these learning journey what I learned :

  • Learning doesn’t have an end, it is a lifelong voyage

              Learning is not about studying something, to reach a milestone.  It’s a daily process of understanding something which you don’t know the day before.  It’s all about upgrading our knowledge daily and don’t forget that it is a lifelong journey.  It doesn’t have a finishing line.

  • It’s ok to say I don’t know

              It is always good to say I don’t know, for the things you really don’t know, in-order to understand it in a clear way.  If you wanted to learn something, you should always aware about what you know, what you don’t know. If you said I don’t know, it doesn’t portray yourself as fool, because learning is a lifelong journey, we can learn daily. If you want to climb to a mountain top, at first you may say i can’t, but if you climb few meters a day, then definitely one day you will reach the top. It doesn’t meant that you are a looser, even if you said that i can’t at the start. If you better yourself on a daily basis, then one day you will reach the top.

  • You need to be both as a teacher and a student

              You are need to be a student while learning every lesson. When a doubt arises in a lesson you need to be a teacher to solve that doubt by yourself for better understanding to that student.  It is ok to seek some external help when you can’t.

  • Learning is not a race, it is a process to know what you don’t know.

              There is no need to win every race you participate in it.  Just participate in the race to enjoy the process.  Similarly, learning is a constant process to upgrade your knowledge.  Just enjoy the process of learning new things in your life in a daily basis but don’t join in the race to just cross the finishing line first.  Always just remember that learning doesn’t has a finishing line.

Note to Learners

     Introducing V Edifys, a treasure trove of insightful explanations that have proven beneficial to my journey. Feel free to peruse, extract, cite, or adapt any textual passages, captivating images, or enlightening videos that capture your interest. For instance, you may find value in using them as supplementary readings or integrating them seamlessly into your own learning materials.

     Rest assured that all the content housed within V Edifys is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, empowering you to engage with and build upon the collective knowledge within this realm.

     Let the exploration begin, and may your journey through V Edifys be an enriching experience!

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