Semiconductor Physics (4)

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Charge neutrality of semiconductors

Even though we are performing doping operations to convert the intrinsic semiconductors to extrinsic semiconductors, the semiconductors will always be in a neutral state.
p + ND = n + NA

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Energy bands in semiconductors

In simple terms, “bands” refer to groups of something. So, when we talk about “Energy bands,” we’re referring to groups that consist of multiple distinct energy levels combined. There are two important energy bands that we need to consider. Those are the conduction band and the valence band.

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What are Intrinsic semiconductors and Extrinsic semiconductors?

The pure form of semiconductors is called intrinsic semiconductors. When we add some impurities into the intrinsic semiconductors, then that is known to be Extrinsic semiconductors. By doing this, we can increase the electrical conductivity of the semiconductors.

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Semiconductors Basics

Semiconductors are a special type of material, whose electrical conductivity is lesser than the conductors but higher than the insulators. In Semiconductors, both free electrons and holes are responsible for electric current flow.